Migration Inc.


Migration Inc is launching the podcast Cultural Mediators Work in collaboration with De Stadscoalitie. Next to the podctast, we developed the National Roadmap in which organizations share how paid positions for Cultural Mediators can be organized. This project was made possible thanks to the Ministry of the Interior, Agenda City Program and Platform 31. The podcasts were made possible thanks to the Mano Foundation, Pharos, Wikistad and Verhalenhuis Belvédère.

Cultural Mediators are an essential link between governments and communities. They translate policy into communities and ensure two-way traffic between newcomers and institutions. Residents understand what to do with a donor codicil or vaccination invitation and municipalities discover blind spots in their policy and implementation. But how do Cultural Mediators do that? In the 11-part  podcast series ‘Cultural Mediators Work’, various organizations such as the Dutch Red Cross, LaNSCO, the municipality of Utrecht and Amsterdam, Verhalendepot Belvédère and many others share their experiences.

The eleven organizations in the podcast have taken the step towards paid collaboration with key Cultural Mediators based on the insights that Cultural Mediators strengthen citizens, neighborhoods and municipalities. Whether it concerns better health, representative heritage or unlocking new talent. When more Cultural Mediators find a sustainable place at all levels of municipalities and organizations, such as in boards, patient councils or management positions, this improves both the view of society and its representative reflection. This not only increases the resilience and empathy of organizations, but also has a demonstrably positive effect on achieving policy goals and strengthens democracy in the long term.


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