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The municipality of The Hague is setting up a pool of Cultural Mediators who will focuses on the mental health of newcomers in the broader sense. Examples of this are Mediators who can guide the client to the GP if there is a cultural/language barrier, motivate clients to open and read difficult letters or provide explanations to clients in their mother tongue. The municipality’s approach is to create a sustainable project in which key people are given a paid position. Migration Inc. supports the municipality in enabling the internal teams to find and involve Mediators in their work, as some newcomers need more support than those teams can offer. Cultural Mediators offer perfect solution for this gap. Migration Inc will train and educate the Mediators on behalf of the municipality.

Cultural Mediators origine from different countries, speak multiple languages ​​and have diverse backgrounds, education and work experience.

Would you like to know more about this project? Email us: info@migrationinc.nl

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