Migration Inc.


Migration Inc started a project within P4Mi to empower migrants who want to become social entrepreneurs. After months of preparation and an intensive application process, we had a successful kick-off in May 2024 of our Social Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program: a 4-month program for Cultural Mediators and social entrepreneurs.

The event was full of positive energy thanks to the dynamic and diverse group of participants who are motivated to make a social impact in the Netherlands. Our day started with an inspiring introduction by Rahel Boon-Dejene about P4Mi’s vision and program for the next four months. We organized interactive activities to get to know each other better, workshops, peer-to-peer coaching sessions.

We dived deeper into the meaning of social entrepreneurship and the opportunities for the 20 inspiring migrants who are already making significant contributions foe a better society in The Netherlands. We are very enthusiastic about the passion and the drive of our participants. We look back at a fruitful day with a sense of community and collaboration.

We are grateful for the Social Enterprise NL all-in program, powered by Google, which has enabled our team to create an inclusive social entrepreneurial ecosystem for migrants. Congratulations to all participants as they are starting their journey to transform their ideas into impactful work.

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